BBQ Fish Menu

Want to impress your friends this holiday season? Try out chef-crafted seafood dishes that will leave them speechless! Find out which fish tastes the best with our BBQ Fish Menu.


Santorini fava

With glazed onions and grilled octopus.

Grilled sardines

With fresh tomato and parsley.

Roasted squid

With goat feta, cherry tomatoes, peppers.

 Grilled garden Vegetables

With basil and mint sauce


Green with spinach avocado lettuce grilled mushrooms

With pistachio and orange vinaigrette.

Boiled green salad

With zucchini and potatoes.

Main Courses

Aegean cuttlefish

With garlic and aromas on the grill.

Fresh fish of the day, on the grill – Sea bass or Red snapper or Sea bream

 With lemon oil, bread with oregano oil,  French Fries

Octopus on the grill


 Fruit salad with ice cream

Spoon sweet grape with lemon sorbet