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Private Chef benefits

Imagine your villa, holiday home or yacht as your personal chef’s kitchen. You can enjoy a unique and discreet dining experience in the comfort of […]

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Bruschetta with Almond garlic

Bruschetta with almond garlic, with fresh beans Greek cuisine – Vegan – Appetizer Servings 6 Preparation time (20 + 20) minutes Calories – Almond Garlic […]

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Spinach rice with lemon

Chillwave normcore Godard tofu. 90’s drinking vinegar Marfa actually four dollar toast roof party messenger bag. Narwhal Godard sartorial.

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Mini Chocolates with Olive Oil

Mini Chocolates with high phenolic Olive Oil with mint aroma Cretan cuisine – Dessert – Chocolate Servings: About 40 chocolates. Preparation time: (20 minutes) Chill for 2 […]

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Taliateles with Pesto sauce

Taliateles with Pesto sauce & fresh Mint leaves  Italian cuisine – Pasta – Mainly food   Servings: 6 Preparation time: 15 minutes  Calories: 336 g […]

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