Cooking Class in Rethymnon Crete

cooking class rethymno

They say if you want to get to know a culture, start with their kitchen.  And that’s why we are here!

Crete cooking class

With our gastronomy workshops, you can give your holidays a whole new meaning.

Our culinary classes are taking place in the village Seli, near Spili, in Rethymno.

During our course, you will have the opportunity to be a Greek cook for a day, learn about the Mediterranean diet, find and prepare your local and fresh ingredients,  and with the chef’s guidance cook your own traditional dish. 

You don’t have to be an expert, you don’t even have to know how to cook- our specialized chef will help you with everything.

Cretan local recipes and not only inspire our cooking courses! With our vegan cookery, seafood dishes, fish and meat barbeque you can choose what suits you best!

If you want to experience something unique on your holidays, join one of our workshops, an activity or just ask our private chef to cook for you. 

With our Crete cooking classes, we want to make you feel like a local traveller and not like a tourist. We will make this trip together, help you get to know the culture, involved with the everyday life and activities of the people in the area: producing cheese, harvesting olives for olive oil, making wine from grapes and discovering local gastronomic habits.

If you are a Cretan food lover you are going to have a one-time Cooking class experience during your holidays in Crete!

Join and enjoy!