Cooking Class in Rethymnon Crete

cooking class rethymno

Uncover the secrets of Cretan cuisine and embark on a unique culinary journey in the comfort of your holiday villa or resort in Rethymno or in Selli village in Rethymnon.

Our gastronomy workshops offer more than just cooking lessons: they’re an immersive cultural experience that lets you embrace the heart of Cretan traditions from the familiar surroundings of your vacation home.

Nestled in the village of Seli, near Spili, we offer the flexibility to bring our workshops to you. Transform yourself into a Greek cook for a day within the privacy and convenience of your villa or resort. Learn about the Mediterranean diet, discover the fresh, local ingredients that define Cretan cuisine, and prepare traditional dishes under the guidance of our expert chef.

No prior culinary experience is necessary! Our specialized chef will guide you every step of the way, ensuring you master the art of Cretan cooking, regardless of your skill level.

Beyond traditional Cretan recipes, we offer a diverse selection of workshops to cater to various preferences. Choose from vegan cookery, exquisite seafood dishes, or indulge in flavorful fish and meat barbecues. We have something to tantalize every taste bud!

Seeking an unforgettable experience? Join one of our interactive workshops or engaging activities within the comfort of your villa or resort. Craving a taste of authentic Cretan hospitality? Let our private chef prepare a delectable feast for you and your loved ones in the familiar setting of your holiday haven.

Our mission is to transform you from a tourist into a local traveller. We go beyond the cooking class, offering opportunities to immerse yourself in the everyday life of Cretans. Participate in cheesemaking, olive harvesting, and winemaking, and discover local gastronomic customs, all accessible from the comfort of your chosen accommodation.

Calling all Cretan food enthusiasts! This unique cooking class experience is a must-add to your Crete itinerary.

Join us, savour the flavours, and create lasting memories in the heart of your holiday haven!