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Crete is home for marvelous Cuisine

Crete cuisine

Gastronomy here does indeed have astronomy within it.
The food here is remarkably fresh well sunkissed well caressed but the fresh sea air and high mountain ridges.
The green Gold the olive oil dresses all food in a way that lifts the soul …for the food of Crete speaks to the heart.
As all good pure things still do.
The meat is untampered with as it roams the hills amidst oregano and thyme under the bright light …the cheese and yoghurt like the honey is a personal fort of intimate art that is to be cherished and enjoyed.
The wine is unique and ancient.
Finally Constantine is the embodiment of the Family love of what was once an endless summer of one’s childhood that grew up into a modern Ulysses returning home …navigating the food of Crete is a way to understand how love and tradition is tasted and ultimately shared.

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