About me

Konstantinos Mathioudakis

It all started in 1980.

Rethymnon 1980: Summer, holidays full of sea and sun, open welcoming doors and courtyards Happy memories, with the lunch call, with a plate stuffed peppers and tomatoes with yogurt, french fries and at the end the best. Watermelon with feta.

Lyon 1992: Autumn, a great journey into the magical world of culinary art. With Aunt Marie, learning what I could do more, in a new country, with a history and love of food. Rethymno, Lyon, Izmir, history and family.

Mediterranean Sea 2005: My love for the sea led me to new journeys of flavors, techniques, products, local markets, discovering the enormous richness of the Mediterranean diet.
The nature, or the season and the characteristics of each place, that walked like another Odysseus, inspired me every time to create a new delicious dish.

Rethymnon 2022
Back to the roots

With the same love and passion, with many experiences now, and with the absence of many beloved Heroes from our history, I try to create the carefree atmosphere of life, at a set table full of memories, flavors, spices and aromas of Crete.

Konstantinos Mathioudakis

Head Chef