A personalized breakfast to start your day off on the right note.

Chef Crete prepares a delicious and nutritious breakfast menu that will energize you for the day. Get to know the items on the breakfast chef’s menu and book today.


Coffees (greek ,filter, espresso)

 Tea or Cretan herbs

Fresh orange juice or mixed fruit juice


Marmalades (strawberry, orange, berries, peach)

Toasted bread white and black

Butter croissants

Variety of cereals

Greek yoghurt

Cold cuts

Platter of fresh fruit and vegetables

Cretan honey

Hot suggestions

Bio eggs, with smoked apaki

Omelette of your choice

Strapatsada, cretan scrambled eggs with tomato and goat cheese

Grilled cretan sausages

Bio eggs with smoked bacon


Cretan small pies, with cheese,or cheese and spinach