Cretan Bites

Tired of eating the same old dishes? Then you should try Chef Crete’s food menu which features amazing flavors from Crete. Best part is that all these dishes are cooked with authentic Cretan spices and ingredients.


Snails sauteed

With rosemary, aged vinegar and salt blossom.


Glazed with cretan raki, and cherry tomatoes, fresh fennel.

Crispy cretan cheese “graviera”

With smoked apaki, tomato, in a handmade leaf.


Cretan salad

With  rusks,baked potato, cherry tomatoes,olives, green peppers, onions, capers, cucumber, “mizithra” cheese from Chania and organic olive oil.

Lassithi salad


With fresh beans, boiled egg, tomatoes, hearts of lettuces, anchovy fillets, olives and fresh onions.

Main Courses


With eggplants, potatoes, minced beef meat, and feta bechamel.

Orzo “Giouvetsi”

With lamp or,beef meat  with tomato sauce and dry cretan “mizithra” cheese.

Chicken bio

With oregano, fresh lemon juice and potatoes in the oven.


Cretan sfakiani pie

With honey roasted walnuts and almonds.

Summer fruit salad

With ice cream.