Personalized Vegetarian and Vegan Menus

Are you Looking for a Chef to prepare your Vegan meals while you’re on Crete this holiday season? Look no further than Chef Crete!


Tzatziki Smyrna

Greek yoghurt with garlic, cucumber and organic olive oil


Rusks with tomato, oregano and organic olive oil

Fried eggplants and zucchini

With dry Cretan cheese

Crispy Cretan graviera

With smoked apaki and tomato in a handmade leaf


Cretan salad

With rusks, baked potato, cherry tomatoes, olives, green peppers, onions, capers, cucumber, mizithra of Chania and organic olive oil

Lassithi salad

With smoked apaki, poached egg, tomatoes, hearts of lettuce, avocado slices, olives and fresh onions

Main Courses


With eggplants, potatoes, minced beef meat and feta béchamel

Yiouvetsi lamp or beef meat

With tomato sauce, orzo and dry Cretan mizithra


Cretan Sfakiani pie

Filled with goat cheese served with honey,roasted walnuts and cinnamon

Summer fruit salad

With ice cream and syrup